• Share effective quality management systems and procedures that are used in conjunction with the traditional design-bid-build delivery system,
  • Examine and share information regarding alternate quality management systems associated with non-traditional delivery systems (design-build, PPP, etc.),
  • Recommend procedures for improving constructability reviews and implementation procedures in both traditional and non-traditional delivery systems,
  • Share information on new construction management technology that will improve the quality of the product,
  • Host an International Transportation Construction Management Conference, regional seminars, webinars as appropriate to share experiences.


  • Share information on new / emerging project delivery strategies such as design-build, public-private partnerships, construction manager at-risk, construction manager/general contractors, alliancing, early contractor involvement, etc.,
  • Share information on new construction management techniques that will improve the efficiency of delivering projects (accelerated bridge construction technology, prefabricated bridge elements, performance specifications, “green highways”, contractor prequalification systems, etc.),
  • Perform case studies of new contract management techniques that will improve agency accountability and oversight including: web-based payroll compliance systems, web-based civil rights compliance systems, etc.

Risk Management

  • Continue to promote project risk management procedures using the TCM’s “Guide to Risk Assessment and Allocation for Highway Construction Management”, October 2006,
  • Continue to promote the TCM Risk Management Workshop that provides a case study approach for implementing risk management principles,
  • Share lessons learned, case studies, recent research findings, and other information related to risk management.