Janardhan Raj Sharma- Chairman

Chairman of RSTCA Business Group and RSTCA Private Equity which is working in multinational financial and investment market. He has experience in investment and financial sector in Nepal and Asia.

Saswot Raj Sharma- Vice Chairman

Working on more than 15 years in International Finance, Private Equity, Accounting, Investment and other sectors as CEO and Vice Chairman of RSTCA Group.

Sushant Raj Sharma- Treasury

With more than 8 years experience in Corporate Marketing, Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Investment and Business Development he has been working as Treasury and President of RSTCA Business Group.

Rc Khanal- Chief Executive Officer

Born on 1984, RC Khanal has been working in Construction sector since 2012 as founder and owner of Jay Gorakhnath Nirman Sewa. He is also working on movie and entertainment sector as producer, director and actor. Involved in real estate business, hydro-power project, hotel project and many other project as consultant and marketing.